Green olives Mytilini in olive oil and vinegar. Origin: Lesbos island, Greece. Glass jar, 350 g.

Green Olives AIOLIA

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Green Olives Kolovi with Olive Oil and Vinegar, 350 g. 

Kolovi (Mytilini) are the most common olives in southern and eastern regions of the Lesbos island. 

Kolovi olives grow on hilly terrains, in wild, without any fertilisers and pesticides. 
This makes them more natural, nutritious and healthier than other olive varieties. 

Kolovi olives have small size, bright green-brown color, a smooth taste and very soft texture. 



Green Olives AIOLIA. Inventory last updated: Dec 06, 2021.
The product is also available in Green Papa Olive Oil & Wine Store in Ljubljana.