Our Producers

Our producers are small family wineries and olive farms of Europe.
Many of them are fifth or more generation wine and olive oil makers. 

Each of them is a keeper of family traditions and secrets.
For them, wine and olive oil production is not just a business or a craft.
This is their life. Yes, they really live like that.

That’s why we never work with large food processing plants.
We believe that only small family farms are able to produce real, good olive oil and wine.

What is real extra virgin olive oil?
Unlike liquid fat from the supermarket, this olive oil contains nothing but juice of olives cold pressed within few hours after harvesting.
This olive oil remembers the farmer growing the tree, harvesting and selecting olives, sorting them according to their quality and ripeness.
This olive oil gives you an unforgettable taste of Mediterranean and fresh, subtle aroma of lemon, paprika or mountain herbs.

What is real wine?
It’s a wine that conveys to you the warmth of the hands of the farmer who was tending to the vines.
This wine expresses the essence of the terroir and the winemaker's concept.
You take a sip and find yourself in the place where this wine was born.
And then you decide that this wine must be in your cellar, otherwise some day you will miss it very much.

Here you can buy and taste the best wines and olive oils from family farms of Europe.
Enjoy our collection!