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Trikalinos Natural Sea Salt

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Trikalinos Natural Sea Salt, 1 kg.

What is this?
TRIKALINOS Sea Salt is a pure taste crystal salt that is harvested from traditional salt pans along the famous “Salinas” in Missolonghi–Aitoliko Lagoons, in Greece.

What makes TRIKALINOS Sea Salt so special?

TRIKALINOS Sea Salt is slightly moist yet crunchy.
It retains the natural flavors and nutrients of the sea.
Is the salt that has suffered the fewest possible treatments and contains no additives, no anti-caking or any improvers.

Obtained by gentle procedures through natural solar evaporation of the water in salt pans, that allows crystals to form and to capture unaltered minerals and trace elements.
Is the secret ingredient of all Chefs that use it to elevate the taste of their creations.

TRIKALINOS Sea Salt can be used both in cooking, as well as a finishing salt for any dish, as it quickly and evenly dissolves into foods during cooking and melds harmonically with other flavors.

Cooking/ finishing salads, meats, seafood, soups, sauces/ dips, desserts and many more.

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