Olive Oil PROTOLEO, bottle 350 ml. | Premium Gourmet Greek Olive Oil - GREEN PAPA.

Protoleo Extra Virgin Early Harvest Olive Oil

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Extra Virgin Early Harvest Olive Oil Protoleo, Wild Olives, Unfiltered, 350 ml.

Olives variety: Kolovi and wild olives. 
Harvest period: Middle of October. 
Harvest method: By hand
Extraction temperature: Cold extraction 23ºC
Chemical Analysis: Acidity 0,2% Max.
Cultivation method: Conventional
Region of origin: Lesbos, Greece. Protected Geographical Indication. 

Olive Oil PROTOLEO | Premium Gourmet Greek Olive Oil - GREEN PAPA.
The oil extraction from unripe olives is a complex process that requires a lot of attention to every detail. It is very important to correctly determine the moment when olives reach the right ripening degree to obtain the maximum number of polyphenols from them.

Besides, olives should be pressed within the harvest day to save their taste and to avoid acidity

Like all unfiltered oils, Protoleo has one feature - after some time, the sediment settles at the bottom of the bottle. Don’t worry, this is normal, it indicates the purity of olive oil. Also, please note that unfiltered olive oil loses its taste after opening the bottle very quickly. Therefore, it is better to consume it within a few weeks after opening.

Protoleo is an olive oil made from Kolovi variety and wild olives. It is the wild olives that give this oil its unique piquant taste, intense aroma and such a bright, rich green color.

Protoleo has a tough and full-body taste with a bitter finish and a fruity-herbal aroma with hints of freshly-cut unripe olives.
It is an ideal olive oil for steak, pasta or grilled fish with vegetables.

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Protoleo Extra Virgin Early Harvest Olive Oil
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