Ouzo Plomari, glass bottle 700 ml. Region of origin: Lesvos island, Greece.|

Ouzo of Plomari

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Ouzo of Plomari with gift tube, 700 ml. 

The distinct flavour of Ouzo of Plomari is the result of the unique recipe that Isidoros Arvanitis passed on to us; a recipe he guarded as a well-kept secret and entrusted to his children and grandchildren as his most precious belonging. That is how it has reached us today; from generation to generation.

Divided into two parts, respectively 2 distillations and only one person of the distillery knows each part by heart. One person knows the seeds and herbs used in the first distillation and the other, knows the seeds and herbs used in the second. 

Obviously, a superior ouzo can be made only from a great recipe. This recipe has been loyally followed for over a century; the seeds, the herbs, and the proportions are exactly the same since 1894.

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Ouzo of Plomari. Inventory last updated: Jan 23, 2022.
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