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Honey Triple Set, 3 x 130 g.

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Honey Triple Set: Pine Honey, Thyme Honey, Orange and Flowers Honey, 3 x 130 g. 

1. Pine Honey of Rodhes. Great honey from the mountains of Rhodes island, Greece. Full of flavour with a strong aftertaste. Rich in trace minerals and is a great energy source. 

2. Thyme honey of Dodekanisos. The most famouse gourmet honey of Greece. Excellent taste and unique aroma from wild thyme flowers of Rhodes, Kos, Halki, Kalymnos etc. Rich in antioxidants with tonic and antiseptic properties. 

3. Orange and Flowers Honey. Elegant taste, rich aromas of orange blossom and wildflowers of Greek nature. Offers strength and wellness. 

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Honey Triple Set, 3 x 130 g.
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