[Organic Olive Oil Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil] - GREEN PAPA
[Organic Olive Oil Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil] - GREEN PAPA
[Organic Olive Oil Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil] - GREEN PAPA
[Organic Olive Oil Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil] - GREEN PAPA
Extra Virgin Olive Oil AEGEAN GOLD.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil AEGEAN GOLD.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil AEGEAN GOLD.

Olives variety: Kolovi.
Harvest period: 15th November - 15th January.
Harvest method: Mechanical and by hand.
Extraction temperature: Cold extraction 26ºC
Chemical Analysis: Acidity 0,4% Max.
Cultivation method: Conventional.
Region of origin: Lesbos, Greece, Protected Geographical Indication.

AEGEAN GOLD is a filtered, superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from hand-selected olive blend and solely by mechanical means.

AEGEAN GOLD is produced from selected breed of mountain olive groves, of Plomari Lesbos. It’s a unique blend of tree olive varieties: Kolovi, Adramytiani and Latholia.

The Kolovi is an olive variety that grows on Lesbos rocky terrains at an altitude about of 600 meters and doesn’t need much water.

It has a wide root system which allows to get nutrients from the soil and other plants. As a result, the Kolovi olives transfer to olive oil its saturated taste and intense flavour of wild mountain herbs.

Adramytiani are light brown middle-sized olives with oil content about of 20% growing in the northern and north-eastern parts of Lesbos island. These olives gives to AEGEAN GOLD its light fruity aroma and rich texture.

Latholia is an authentic olive variety from Lesbos, a big dark olive with oil content of 25%.  It has a very gentle, smooth and semi-sweet taste.

All together these three olive kinds create an excellent extra virgin olive oil AEGEAN GOLD with its amazing golden-green bright colour, rich fruity flavour and full-bodied taste.

And this is not only our opinion. Extra virgin olive oil AEGEAN GOLD has been awarded more than 40 distinctions in international fairs and exhibitions in Greece, Italy, The United States, Japan, Great Britain and Switzerland. 

The organic farming product AEGEAN GOLD BIO offers all characteristics of AEGEAN GOLD with even greater intensity and refinement. 

AEGEAN GOLD is an ideal olive oil for fresh vegetables. This is an absolute must for your right and authentic Greek salad. Its mild taste and light aroma will not dominate but will help to reveal the taste of other ingredients: feta, vegetables and olives.


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