Premium Greek brandy METAXA 7 year old, glass bottle 700 ml.

Premium Greek Brandy Metaxa 7 Year Old

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Premium Greek Brandy Metaxa 7 Year Old. 

Superior distillates aged in oak casks, noble Muscat wines from the Aegean islands Lemnos and Samos and a secret bouquet of herbs bestow upon Metaxa 7 Stars its aromatic character.

Made in classical Greek style with the original recipe dating back to 1888, Metaxa 7 Stars is the marriage of finest spirit, aged in oak for 7 years, with Muscat wines and secret botanicals. The taste is mouth-wateringly mellow - full of luscious richness and complexity. Enjoy neat, with ice or mixed.

Wine distillates matured in hand-made Limousin oak casks are combined with aged Muscat wines and a secret blend of botanicals.
The Amphora features longer-aged Muscat wines from the Aegean Islands and fine wine distillates matured up to seven years in oak casks.

Old gold in colour, it reveals delicate aromas of Muscat and soft vanilla, followed by full, balanced flavours.

Premium Greek Brandy Metaxa 7 Year Old. Inventory last updated: Jan 23, 2022.
The product is also available in Green Papa Olive Oil & Wine Store in Ljubljana.