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Organic Olive Oil AEGAEA BIO - Premium Greek Olive Oil - GREEN PAPA

Aegaea Organic Extra Virgin Early Harvest Olive Oil

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Extra Virgin Early Harvest Olive Oil Aegaea Organic. White Ceramic Bottle, 500 ml.

Olives variety: Valanolia.
Harvest period: October 20th - November 20th
Harvest method: By hand.
Oil production method: Centrifugation in 2 or 3 phases.
Extraction temperature: Cold extraction 25ºC
Chemical Analysis: Acidity 0,2% Max.
Cultivation method: Organic. 
Region of origin: Lesbos, Greece, Protected Geographical Indication.
Volume: 500 ml.

Organic Olive Oil AEGAEA - Best Premium Greek Olive Oil - GREEN PAPA.

It is the organic version of Aegaea olive oil, made from the same kind of olives - Kolovi. Because of organic way of farming, an olive tree grows surrounded by a variety of wild herbs (rosemary, fennel, thyme, oregano) getting their rich  taste and aromatic nuances. Therefore tasting this olive oil  you can find light shades of these herbs.

Aegaea Organic is early harvest olive oil, so it has high levels of oleocanthal and oleacein antioxidants. These are natural phenolic compounds found in extra virgin olive oil. According to various studies, they have anti-inflammatory properties, protect the heart and vascular system. It is they that cause the burning sensation that occurs in the back of the throat when you taste real extra virgin olive oil. 

Aegaea Organic has a full fresh flavour with a touch of grass and dried tomatoes. Its saturated fruity taste and rich texture goes well with salads, white cheeses and avocados. 
Premium gourmet extra virgin olive oil Aegaea Organic in white ceramic bottle is not only a magical aroma and delicate taste, but also a great gift idea.




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Aegaea Organic Extra Virgin Early Harvest Olive Oil
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