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Olive oil is a simple product.
All you need is to harvest the olives and press them following some rules, for example:
- You should press the olives within the harvest day to save their taste and to avoid acidity.
- You cannot heat the olives because this will kill polyphenols and turn your olive oil to garbage.

If this is so simple why can’t we buy real olive oil in the supermarket?
Because heating the olives and adding chemicals is more productive than cold extraction.
Because it's too profitable to produce fake and poison.
Because it’s too hard to control dishonest manufacturers.
Because people don’t want to pay real price for real olive oil.

There may be a lot of other “because” but we know for sure:
1. We don’t like this situation and we are going to change it.
2. We can buy real olive oil only from producers who value their reputation more than money. 

So we travel through the farms, taste olive oil and supply it to the market.
Join us! Offer real olive oil to customers in your store or restaurant.  

Be sure they will appreciate your care and will come back to you again. 

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