For gourmet & organic stores.


Organic food store: best organic olive oil, olives, sauces and spices.


Are you an owner of a gourmet / organic food shop?
Perhaps you already have an excellent organic extra virgin olive oil on your shelf.
Perhaps you do not.
Any way, we suggest you to look through our olive oil and olives collections to find something interesting.

Having a shop like yours, we know it’s not easy to satisfy customers who demand high quality natural products for reasonable price.

However we believe it’s possible.
All you need is a right partner, who can provide the best products and cheap shipping without requiring you to purchase tonnes of goods.

So, what we propose?

  1. The best olive oil from small family farms.
  2. No minimum order: you can buy any quantity.
  3. Fast and cheap delivery directly to your store.
Please feel free to contact us.
We are always happy to meet new partners and ready to offer you the best conditions for successful cooperation.