Welcome to our natural gourmet food store!
Here you’ll discover real farm olive oil, olives, herbal teas, sauces, spices, honey and truffles.

We never offer products from large food processing plants.
Our suppliers are small family companies, olive farms and wineries.
Buying this food you can always be sure of its natural taste and excellent quality.

Normally, About Us page is something like “our mission is to make the world a better place by promoting healthy lifestyle, etc…”
Actually we don’t want to make this world better.
We just love to eat deliciously and believe that food should be natural.

So we travel through the farms and wineries searching for something special.
And this shop is a result of our long partnership with good people producing good food. 
We have launched it to make their products available for everyone in just a few clicks. 

Green Papa is not only a web-store. 
You are welcome to visit our real gourmet food & wine shop in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 
Come and taste our fresh farm olive oils and the best Slovenian wines

Yours sincerely,
Andrey Manaev,