White wine Rhine Riesling, semi-dry wine, producer: Leber, vintage 2018, wine region: Štajerska Slovenia.

Leber Rhine Riesling 2018

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Rhine Riesling 2018 Leber. White Wine  Štajerska Slovenia.

The winegrower: The Leber Family.
Region: Štajerska, Slovenia.
Alc.: 11 % vol.
Sweetness: Semi-dry.
Vintage: 2018.
Volume: 750 ml.
Grape variety: Rhine Riesling.

Shorter maceration of grape mash. Pressing and clarifying of grape must with nitrogen. Immediate fermentation of slightly unclear must with selected yeasts on the temperature between 14 °C and 16 °C. Two month-long wine ageing on lees and with stirring until the first settling of the wine into stainless-steel barrels.

There is a saying that Rhein Riesling is the king of all wines and the wine of kings. First mentioned in the Rhine region six hundred years ago, it is today one of the most widely cultivated wine grape varieties in the world. The wine's aroma is fresh and gentle, reminiscent of meadow flowers, lime tree flowers, perhaps peach and ripe apricot.

Food pairings:
Rhein Riesling perfectly complements roast goose; it is also a great companion for meat dishes, cured meats and a variety of salads and desserts.

Leber Rhine Riesling 2018. Inventory last updated: Sep 22, 2021.
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