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Tentoura Castro Mastiha Liqueur

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Liqueur Tentoura Castro Mastiha, 500 ml, 25% vol.

The intense spice extracts in Tentoura Castro coexist with the unique aroma and flavour of the Chios natural mastic.

In the case of the Tentoura Castro with Mastic liqueur, the aroma and flavour of Chios mastic is more discernible in relation to the classic Tentoura Castro liqueur.        

It is predominantly drunk after a hearty meal as a digestive liqueur (digestif), straight or on the rocks as a regular drink, chilled in small glasses, with soda or in cocktails. 

Tentoura Castro Mastiha Liqueur. Inventory last updated: Sep 22, 2021.
The product is also available in Green Papa Olive Oil & Wine Store in Ljubljana.