Green Olives Halkidiki in brine. Plastic can, weight: 1,0 kg. / 1,7 kg. Region of origin: Greece.

Green Olives Halkidiki

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Green Olives Halkidiki1 kg.

Halkidiki are large oval-shaped green olives that are produced by farmers of the Halkidiki Peninsula in Northern Greece.

The olives are harvested unripe (early harvest) and packed in brine. Green unripe olives Halkidiki are rich source of vitamin E, polyphenols and omega-3 acids.

The olives have a hard texture and a little bit bitter taste. Often used as olives stuffed with garlic, tomatoes, cheese or chili pepper.

Green olives Halkidiki are also good for summer salad with extra virgin olive oil AEGEAN GOLD or as snacks for wine or ouzo

The olives Halkidiki are packed in light salt brine. To avoid an overly salty taste just rinse olives with cold running water before use. 



Green Olives Halkidiki. Inventory last updated: Dec 02, 2021.
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