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Premium truffle sauce Tartufata Gourmet. Glass jar, 80 g. Region of origin: Istra, Slovenia.

Truffle Sauce Tartufata Gourmet

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Truffle Sauce Tartufata Gourmet, 100 g.

This truffle sauce is made by mixing selected pure black truffles, black olives and spices. Excellent condiment for warm dishes, such as pasta and risotto and delicious on bread and toast.
 Ideal to create new sauces. Serve hot.

Ingredients: Mushrooms Champignons, black olives, black truffle (Tuber aestivum, Tuber mesentericum) 15%, pepper, salt, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

Truffle Sauce Tartufata Gourmet. Inventory last updated: Jul 01, 2022.
The product is also available in Green Papa Olive Oil & Wine Store in Ljubljana.