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Green Papa will help you to tell real extra virgin olive oil from... a similar substance available in the supermarket. He's driven thousands of kilometers and visited hundreds of farms to find the best olive oil for you.


    Intense full-body taste, a slightly bitter finish and herbal aroma with hints of freshly-cut unripe wild olives. PROTOLEO is an ideal olive oil for pasta or grilled fish with vegetables.

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    Full fresh flavour with a touch of grass and dried tomatoes. Saturated fruity taste and rich texture of organic olive oil AEGAEA BIO goes well with salad, white cheese or avocado. 

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    Complex, powerful fruity taste with a light touch of cut grass, apple and almond. Perfect with red meat, fish and vegetables as well as with tapas and side dishes to add personality to the meal. 

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Farmers growing olives and making real extra virgin olive oil

Our Producers

Our producers are farmers who grow olives and make real farm olive oil. 

Real extra virgin olive oil means that this oil contains nothing but juice of olives cold pressed within a few hours after harvesting.

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Best olive oil in the Northern Hemisphere - Slovenian olive oil maker won the Gold Award - Best olive oil from small family farms - Green Papa

The Best Olive Oil In The Northern Hemisphere

Olive oils Vanja by famous olive oil maker Vanja Dujc are distinguished by their harmonious fruity aroma and taste combined with a pleasant bitterness and moderate spiciness. 

In 2021 in Paris, at the International exhibition Olio Nuovo, olive oil Vanja won the prestigious award for The Best Olive Oil In The Northern Hemisphere. The jury recognized extra virgin olive oil Vanja as “wonderful, balanced and complex olive oil with a fiery kick at the end”.

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