Black sun-dried olives Thassos Throumpa packed in vacuum, 600 g. Origin: Thassos island, Greece.
Sun Dried Olives Thassos Throumpa
  • Indlæs billede til gallerivisning Black sun-dried olives Thassos Throumpa packed in vacuum, 600 g. Origin: Thassos island, Greece.
  • Indlæs billede til gallerivisning Sun Dried Olives Thassos Throumpa

Sun Dried Olives Thassos Throumpa

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Sun Dried Olives from Thassos Island, Greece. 

The famous Greek sun-dried olives Thassos Throumpa are primarily grown in the Greek island of Thassos in the northern Aegean Sea.

These small wrinkled black olives mature naturally on the tree, without any human intervention. 
They are harvested during the period from early November through mid-January, when they become fully ripe  or even overripe and develop their distinct black color. 

Sun-dried olives Thassos Throumpa are very rich with olive oil content (about 50%).
These olives are left to ripen on the branch of the tree and can be eaten directly from the tree.

The olives are primarily picked by hand in order to avoid any bruising of the fruit. After picking, they are washed in mountain spring water, graded by size, and cured in coarse salt.

After 30 to 40 days, Thassos olives are ready for consumption after being exposed to air, which improves their color through oxidation. The olives aren't heat-treated at all.

The final product is a shrunken olive with a wonderful flavour and a bittersweet aroma, with just a hint of salt. They are meaty with a strong olive taste, a wrinkled skin, and a chewy texture.

Sun-dried olives are also cultivated in other Aegean islands: Chios, Samos, Naxos and Crete.
However the island of Thassos has been known for its olives since ancient times. 
That's why the Throumba olive variety was named after this island.  

Due to the uniqueness of the olive and its preparation and the special growing environment of Thassos, it is an EU designated P.D.O. product (Protected Designation of Origin). 

The most common way to eat sun-dried olives Thassos Throumpa is to drizzle them with olive oil and sprinkle with oregano.

These olives pair well with red wine or ouzo
Sun-dried olives are also good as ingredients for pizza or Greek potato salad.

Be careful, they’re addictive!

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