Natural Aegean sea salt Trikalinos tripple set. Origin: Greece.

Trikalinos Fleur De Sel - Tripple Set

Inklusive moms.

Sea Salt Trikalinos Fleur De Sel - Tripple Set.

Natural sea salt Fleur De Sel Tripple Set consists of three different tastes: natural, herbal and smoked. 

Natural sea salt Fleur De Sel is an excellent crystal gourmet sea salt from Aegean Sea produced by Trikalinos Company since 1856. This is superior quality marine product of high nutritional value and exceptional taste. 

Herbal sea salt Fleur De Sel contains pink pepper, orange, mint, basil, lemon and strawberry. 

Smoked sea salt Fleur De Sel offers a unique piquant taste and flavour of sea salt, paprika and beech wood smoke.  

Trikalinos Fleur De Sel - Tripple Set. Inventory last updated: Dec 02, 2021.
The product is also available in Green Papa Olive Oil & Wine Store in Ljubljana.