The best olive oil in the northern hemisphere is Slovenian!

We ran out of olive oil VANJA COUVEE this morning.
The number of visits to the page "olive oil Vanja" over the past day has exceeded the usual two-month traffic of the entire site.

Yes, we knew that Vanja Duic presented his oil at international competition Olio Nuovo in France.  
And of course, we could have foreseen that he would win, as he has done so many times.
But who could have known that this would cause such consequences!

Here's what the media say about the event: 
“The best olive oil in the northern hemisphere is Slovenian.
So they decided in Paris at the prestigious gastronomic competition Olio Nuovo, which chooses only among the world's top oils.
It is an honor to be included in such a competition, and winning it is not only a recognition for the well-known Slovenian producer Vanja Dujc, but also an exceptional promotion for all Slovenian olive oils.
Vanja Dujc, a multiple winner in olive oil tests, has already been named 'professor', 'guru' and 'olive oil whisperer'.
He is considered to be self-taught and producers of one of the best olive oils in Europe, which is extremely sought after and enjoys worldwide recognition”. Source: 

We are sorry that not everyone was able to buy olive oil VANJA this morning.
As the olive farm of Vanja Dujc is small and the quantity of his olive oil is always limited, we could not buy products that are not available in our storage.

Now we have already managed to contact Vanja and scheduled our supplies, so we are glad to accept your new orders.

Once again, our congratulations to Vanja and thanks to everyone who has shown interest in one of the greatest olive oils in the world. 

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