Wild mint tea, sun-dried, 20 g. Region of origin: Greece.

Wild Mint Tea

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Wild Mint Tea.

The ancient Greeks attributed the appearance of mint to a beautiful legend of the innocent and beautiful nymph Mentha, which Persephone, the jealous wife of Pluto, turned into a nondescript plant in a fit of jealousy. Pluto could not remove the spell from the nymph, but was able to give the plant a delicate, cold aroma and the ability to arouse feelings. 

Thanks to the menthol contained in the leaves, mountain mint can be used as a local anesthetic, for example, for toothache, and also has antispasmodic and antiseptic properties.
The infusion of mint leaves not only tastes good, but also facilitates severe malaise in the stomach and intestines, is used as a means to improve digestion, increase appetite, against nausea and vomiting.
Leaves and flowers are a wonderful seasoning for salads, soups, vegetable and meat dishes, and are also used to flavor sauces, tea blends.