Organic white wine Sauvignon Šoster. Wine region: Štajerska Slovenia. Vintage 2019.

Šoster Sauvignon

Inklusive moms.

Organic White Wine Sauvignon Šoster - Prekmurje, Slovenia.

The winegrower: The Šoster Family.
Region: Prekmurje, Slovenia.
Alc.: 13 % vol.
Sweetness: Dry. 
Vintage: 2020. 
Volume: 750 ml.
Grape variety: Sauvignon.

Wine of a beautiful vintage with lots of sun at the time of grape ripening, which is picked in the end of September.
A short maceration of grape mash in a stainless steel vessel. A three-month maturation in an acacia barrel contributed its hue to the color, smell and taste.
Two month-long wine ageing on lees and with stirring until the first settling of the wine into oak barrels.  

Gentle yellow colour with green hues. The aromas of the wine are fresh and fruity, we can notice tropical fruits and citrus as well as shades of elderflower. The fruitiness of the scents is also repeated in the taste. The wine is harmonious and full.

Food pairings:
Good for light-tasting dishes like seafood with asparagus. Also can be enjoyed with cheeses and home-made desserts.