Bric Casanova

Bric Casanova

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Sweet Red Wine Bric Casanova - Vipava Valley, Slovenia

The winegrower: The Bric Family.
Region: Vipava valley, Slovenia.
Alc.: 12.5% vol.
Sweetness: Sweet. 
Vintage: 2008.
Volume: 375 ml.
Grape variety: Dried Barbera, late harvest.

Vinification: 20 days of maceration in contact with the skins in a stainless steel container, and 24 - 36 months of maturing in oak barrels.

Intense bouquet, with trace scents of ripe fruits and mixed spices. Sweet and very smooth, full flavour with long persistence. Rich in body and in colour, warm and robust, pleasantly tart.

Food pairings:
 Bric Casanova is a dessert wine so we recommend to follow the golden rule: sweet wines should always be paired with sweet food and the wine should always be sweeter than the dish. To serve at 8 - 10° C.