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Traveling along the Slovenian Adriatic coast, it is difficult not to notice the olive groves. Olive trees grow on the hills, in valleys and in private gardens, covering with a green carpet all the space between the sea and the karst caves of Kras.

Most of the varieties of olives came to Slovenia from neighboring Italy, as their names clearly indicate: Itrana, Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino…

However here are autochthonous varieties Istran Belica, Črnica and Piran Buga. The most popular Slovenian olive variety is Istrian Belica. These olives  gives Slovenian olive oil its specific bitterness and piquancy.

Istrian Belica first appeared in Slovenia about 100 years ago. This is the most suitable olive variety for Slovenia, its fruits have a thick skin which allows to resists the cold winds of the Adriatic. Olive oil made from Belica has intense and bitter taste, and lot of polyphenols.

Slovenia is not the best place to grow olives. The difficult weather conditions of the Adriatic and the voracity of the olive fly, which can easily destroy half of crop, make the farmer's work something similar to heroism. 

Despite this, over 40 olive farms are officially registered on a tiny strip (about 30 km) of the Slovenian coast and more than half of them produce organic olive oil. 

Slovenian olive oil is in great demand not only in Slovenia but also abroad. Suffice it to say that only in Slovenia, demand exceeds supply by 5 times. First of all customers appreciate its unique taste and very high quality. 

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