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Extra Virgin Early Harvest Olive Oil AEGAEA.

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Extra Virgin Early Harvest Olive Oil AEGAEA, 500 ml.

Olives variety: Valanolia (Kolovi)
Harvest period: October 20th - November 20th
Harvest method: By hand.
Oil production method: Centrifugation in 2 or 3 phases, Alfa Laval.
Extraction temperature: Cold extraction 25ºC
Chemical Analysis: Acidity 0,2% Max.
Cultivation method: Conventional 
Region of origin: Lesbos, Greece. Protected Geographical Indication.

Type of olives: Valanolia (Kolovi). It is a round, medium-sized olive, with an oil content of ~ 25% by weight. The oils of these olives are of superior quality and aroma. Kolovi was selected as the sole variety in the AEGAEA blend to highlight its dynamic and potential. It is an olive which needs little water and develops a deep root system, allowing it to absorb all the soil’s ingredients and store them in the fruit.
Olives are harvested by hand at the end of October and early November (early harvest of olives). Fine, special, extra virgin olive oil, AEGAEA is intense and sophisticated with low acidity and high antioxidant value. Its colour is golden-green and its aroma is intensely fruity.





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