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Extra Virgin Early Harvest Olive Oil AEGAEA

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Extra Virgin Early Harvest Olive Oil AEGAEA. 

Olives variety: Kolovi.
Harvest period: October 20th - November 10th
Harvest method: By hand.
Oil production method: Centrifugation in 2 or 3 phases.
Extraction temperature: Cold extraction 25ºC
Chemical Analysis: Acidity 0,2% Max.
Cultivation method: Conventional.
Region of origin: Lesbos, Greece. Protected Geographical Indication. 
Volume: 500 ml. 

Premium Olive Oil AEGAEA - Best Greek Olive Oil - GREEN PAPA.


Kolovi (Valanolia) is a round, medium-sized olive, with an oil content of ~ 25% by weight. 
It was selected as the sole variety for the AEGAEA olive oil to highlight its dynamic and potential. 

The Kolovi olive tree doesn't need much water. 
It grows on mountain terrains of Lesbos island and develops a deep and wide root system absorbing unique soil features and store them in the fruit. 
That's why the oils made from these olives have sophisticated, intensely fruity and grassy aroma. 

AEGAEA is an early harvest olive oil. Olives for its production are harvested and selected by hand at the end of October when they are just starting to ripe. Like any other early harvest olive oil, AEGAEA has low acidity and high antioxidant value.

The most specific features of this oil: its golden-green colour, strong and versatile fruity taste, rich texture, full body and slightly peppery finish. 
AEGAEA is fine with fish or poultry. It’s also a good idea to drizzle it over grilled vegetables. Taste and enjoy! 


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