Green Papa Offers Best Authentic Slovenian Wines.

Green Papa is with Gospod Gurman now!

On June 10, 2020, we acquired the Gospod Gurman wine store. 
The store offers wines from all wine regions of Slovenia: the Drava Wine-Growing Region, the Lower Sava Wine-Growing Region, and the Littoral Wine-Growing Region

All wines of our store are produced by small independent wineries because we strictly follow the rule: we only offer products from family farms. 

Also, we are opening new collections on our website: red and white wines.
A little later, we will add the rosé and orange wines of Slovenia.

So now you can find here not only the best farm olive oils and olives, but also superior authentic Slovenian wines. 

We’ll be glad to meet you on Gosposvetska 8, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 
Come and enjoy our collection! 





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